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Was just looking for some music to check out while writing some boring businessy papers that were putting me to sleeeeep. Found this one posted by Never Say Die Records and was just thinking how solid of a label these guys have. An instant click just for being on the page from me is few and far between but, then again, i’m also pretty fond of the wig sporting dandy SKisM. I think the first tune of his I heard was “The Blank” way back in the day and I was sold. Also the number of dubstep anthems he put out last summer was insane. This first glimpse at a collection of new releases from SKisM to be released in 4 parts over the next 6 months will feature 4 original tracks along with some heavy weight remixes from various  and 20 minute mix from SKisM which will ultimately become one 80 minute mix once you acquire all 4 parts of “The Division Series”.  Pretty excited to see this one play out, not going to lie :D

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