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A collection of art and electronic music from a boy who dreams of being a machine and spends too much time on the interwebs.

New album from Reso on the way and I couldn’t be happier to get some more epic robotic mental voyage music. Here’s just a clip of the intro track but already this is sounding pretty huge. Will be tracking this one as more clips hit the internet. Nov 5th seems to be the date we can expect to get our hands on the full retail release. 


1. Exoframe 
2. Creature 
3. Axion 
4. Coronium 
5. Simple Pleasures 
6. Virtua Rhythm 
7. Interlude 
8. Nempo 
9. Backwards Glance 
10. Half Life 
11. Ishimura 
12. Check 1,2 
13. Tabris

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