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A collection of art and electronic music from a boy who dreams of being a machine and spends too much time on the interwebs.

First heard about this EP from Requake’s remix of “They Don’t Sleep”. The tune was so large that I decided the rest of the EP warranted further investigation. Holy shit is all I can say to this. I don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation or just the pure insanity of this EP (judge for yourself) but this thing hit me like a ton of bricks. Deep, Dark, and Evil do not even begin to describe the sinister nature or the epic achievement of this EP. And for 3 EUR from Subway Music’s Bandcamp this is an absolute steal. DJ’s, if you really want to shock a club, take a little breather from all the brostep and drop a tune like this to put the fear in your local nightclub. Huge up to everyone involved in this Requake, Brownz and the Subway Music crew: You are all bad bad men.

Other stores: 9th of April

Released by: SUBWAY RECORDINGS Release/catalogue number: SUBWAY12011 Release date: Apr 9, 2012 

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