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Xian - Empusa EP [Forthcoming Gradient Audio]

My boy Xian has been hard at work on this new future bass ep entitled “Empusa” which features 3 tracks that will make you close your eyes and nod your head to the beat. Very next level tunes, really loving emotion incorporated into these tunes.  


 anemone logo  After returning from a house show in Vancouver last night I was in desperate need of some griminess to tucker me out. I came across these two and was trapped in a 2 track playlist on endless repeat for about an hour. Why? Because Anemone, an artist I covered a few months back, has progressed to amazing levels with his new track Sleep. Speaking solely on production value this is an amazing leap. The sound design in sleep is masterful, yes i said it, MASTERFUL! A track that ebbs and flows from soft ambient choirs to huge vortex creating bass ramps that literally will throw you into the backrest of your chair.

  Another interesting and inspiring note for producers out there is Anemone is a Reason user. Creating everything heard in the track with a limited set of very high quality tools just makes this accomplishment even more impressive in my eyes(or ears). Not taking away from Reason at all, one of my favorite DAWs ever used, but that little tidbit honestly amazed me.

  Follow this man, Anemone. I seriously see huge things for this producer and with a dubstep remix by ARIOK you can bet this EP is going to be huge.


GRINDHOUSE LOGO  A post or two ago I rambled on to you about a new track I had heard that surprised me with its high production standards and experimental sound design. I am more than happy to let you know that Beazt & The Plague, whom make up the duo known as GrindHouse, have twisted and tormented Anemone’s Sleep into an evil juggernaut with this remix.

  It’s looking like 2011 has been a good year for the boys of GrindHouse with releases from Heavy Artillery, Abducted, Mutated Sounds and Twisted Monkey Recordings. As if that weren’t ambitious enough, Beazt and The Plague have also jump started their career into the label industry with the co-creation of Dirty Recordz.
  If this is indeed just the beginning, the future looks bright for Dirty Recordz and GrindHouse. The originalSleep is a masterpiece in my eyes and this remix only adds even more depth and atmosphere to it. Dissonant sounds are stalking you from all angles and the powerful percusion keeps you paralysed. I thought I had heard it all and that dubstep was starting to fade in my giant hydraulic heart. Once again, the future looks bright and it seems dubstep, despite being heavily commercialised, still has some amazing producers willing to test the boundaries. Big up lads. Killer work.