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Savant - Starfish

Some serious funk here for you guys from Savant. Looks like you’ll be able to grab “Starfish” Sunday Sept 9th from Beatport so if you need a little glitch hop’n moombah to add some flare to your set then damn, get on this one :D

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Munchi - Rotterdam Trap EP


  I should have been on this one much soon than now, so busy over here!!! Well I guess better late then never eh? haha. This one’s been out for about a week now and I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard these tracks, but this one’s for all you peeps who haven’t had the chance to check this out or have good enough friends to show it to you :P 

  Who the fuck is Munchi you ask ? Well if you know anything of the emergence of Moombahton and Dave Nada then you can probably breeze over this. For those of you who have no idea who I’m talking about, Dave Nada is pretty much globally accepted by everyone as the creator of Moombahton. The fusion of dirty dutch house and reggaeton has steadily been climbing since its manifestation in the fall of 2010. Around this time Munchi enters the scene contacting Dave Nada and sharring with him a backlog of tracks that Dave generously shared around with his crew. Then through the magic of the internet, the Dominican Dj/Producer out of the Netherlands became a name to reckon with among his musical peers. 

  The Rotterdam Trap EP is kind of a throwback to tracks of significance from Munchi’s early days of just trying to get into clubs in Rotterdam, spiced up with some new audio pepper generously applied to bring them back to life and back to the clubs for all of our amusement. 

  For more info on the release straight from the words of the man himself check out this lengthy and honestly awesome piece from T&A

If you like what you hear scoop the whole EP courtesy of T&A right here fo FREEEEE

and if you did just downloaded it, you cheap buggers, you better show some love to Munchi here:




Messing about with new logo’s and stuff and wanted to toss a big thank you to all my loyal followers. All my pages/channels have been exploding recently. Kinda freaking me out haha. Thanks everyone who share/comments/favorites/reblogs/etc etc my stuff. really helps out more than you can imagine. Thanks Everyone !!! :D :D :D
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