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A collection of art and electronic music from a boy who dreams of being a machine and spends too much time on the interwebs.

Halo 4 - Nemesis (1uP’s 4 Shot Remix)

Hey guys, my hombre 1uP is up front in the Halo 4 remix contest, I want to play some XBOX so please give this a play and if you think to yourself “damn, this be a banger” then go ahead and give it a favorite.

1uP Dubstep




Tritonal - Still With Me Feat. Cristina Soto (Seven Lions Remix)

I don’t know if I’m getting soft in my old age or if there’s just a lack of good heart hitting aggressive dubstep lately but in either case i’m thoroughly enjoying Seven Lions lately. Really lovely trance-ish dubstep. tons of melody and gated pads, really nice day dream tunes. check it out!

D-jahsta - Overdose (original mix)

Wooo my kinda freebie from D-Jahsta, ROBOT NOISES!!! Going to be making a custom video for this one as soon as I can come up with a new youtube template… inspiring track :D

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